Reunion Planning

We aren’t getting younger. Neither are our friends. This will be a time to “gather the tribes,” reconnect with people who influenced you (and who you influenced in turn) and reflect on the various paths each of us has taken over the past half-century. There will be time to mingle, interact, walk the forest, and remember.

Reunion Planning

That’s right. We’re planning an in-person 50th reunion for the Crown College classes of ’68, ’69, ‘70, ‘71, and ‘72.

It will be held at UCSC in April 2022 to coincide with the annual UCSC Alumni Weekend. The Crown College 50th reunion will begin on Thursday evening, April 21, and end on Sunday, April 24.

In April 2020, three members of the Crown Provost Advisory Committee volunteered to lead the planning for a 50th reunion of the classes of ’70 and ’71 to be held in April 2021. We, the reunion planning committee, are Su Nerton (Crown ’71), Jim Lapsley (Crown ’71), and Lisa Rose (Crown ’72).

Our first act was to conduct two Zoom focus groups of early alumni to identify their preferences for an in-person 50th reunion. Since then, the 50th reunion has been postponed and is now scheduled for April 2022.

For better or for worse, the pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to work towards a combined in-person 50th reunion for the five earliest classes. 

And this may end up being the silver lining to the two postponements. Many of our enduring memories and friendships were formed in the dorms and the dining hall where all years mingled. Who knows? Maybe we’ll start a trend for multi-year class reunions. 

In the meantime, we’ll continue adding features to this website and planning the reunion with all of you in mind. We have several months ahead of us to reach out, reconnect, and nourish our hopes of coming together at Crown College in April 2022.

How you can participate now

  1. Stay Tuned. Sign up to receive updates here.
  2. Send Us Your Personal Story of what brought you to UCSC and Crown College here.
  3. Help Find the “Lost” Ones. Review the list of Crown Alumni to see if you can help us locate those without email addresses or with email addresses that no longer work.
  4. Contribute to The Blog. Do you have a story to tell about Crown College? Take a look at the Blog that includes posts about Kenneth Thimann, Friday Night Folkdancing, and the Great Water Balloon Fight of 1969. If you have an idea, contact Lisa Rose or Jim Lapsley.
  5. Recharge your Memories. Visit the Galleries where the work of six Crown photographers will transport you back to Crown’s early days.
  6. B&W Photos from Back in the Day. If you took black and white film while at Crown College, and if you still have access to your negatives, contact Lisa Rose to discuss including your photos on this website.
  7. Volunteer to help us plan and prepare for the 50th reunion of the classes of ’68, ’69 ’70, ’71, and ’72.


    • Right now, we could use a few good volunteers to help us find hard-to-reach alumni. If you like doing basic research, this could be your opportunity to shine.
    • As we get closer to the date, we’ll need more help planning the in-person reunion. 
    • If you’re interested in helping out, please complete and submit this form.