As for my own coming to UCSC story, I lived in Oakland, and it was the perfect distance away from home (Berkeley was my second choice). Just as important was UCSC’s unique constellation of features. Although at 17 I was a Total Scientist (nerd), I have a “philosophical” bent which made Crown the perfect match. The Science college but with liberal arts, its Core Course being a perfect blend of Science & Humanities. Plus the Redwoods. My father had just gotten his small plane pilot’s license, and in summer ’68 flew me over the campus. And equally attractive was UCSC’s pioneering spirit, that it was a newly forged small (the size of my high school) experiment felt just right.

My bonding to my UCSC experience can be expressed in the fact that for five years after graduation, I drove down every weekend that I could, visiting friends like Pat McCormick who was able to find a job in town and thus, himself, be able to stay in Santa Cruz.