In the Fall of my senior high school year, my dad mentioned a new UC Campus, small classes, innovative, in Santa Cruz. It sounded interesting as it was smaller than my high school. I applied. My high school counselor said, “Oh, that is very difficult to get into, apply to back-ups.” I did. I got into all. Off I went to UCSC, entering as a freshman in Crown College’s founding class in the Fall of 1967. I had wanted Cowell, as did a lot of folks. I wasn’t too happy about being put into a science college. However, it proved a good experience. I made life long friendships. Small classes and direct contact with professors was a real plus.

College nights were a very enriching experience. We had speakers from all areas of life. There were actors, artists, politicians Consulate member from Sierra Leone, musicians Tom Lehrer, people with whom one would otherwise not come in contact.

It was a very special time and place and a privilege to be a part of it.