Frequently Asked Questions

What about COVID?

In order to comply with UCSC’s COVID-19 policy, you will need to complete a COVID-19 verification process at the time of your first arrival at the reunion—at Stockwell Cellars on Thursday afternoon, at the Seymour Center on Friday evening, or at Crown College on Friday or Saturday. You’ll be asked to provide either proof of your COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test result (taken within 72 hours of the start of the event) for admittance.
Once your COVID status has been verified, our reunion helpers will place a green dot sticker on your name tag to publicly note your COVID-19 verification. Masks are no longer required; however, please consider wearing them indoors for the peace of mind of the other attendees.

Please remember to wear your name tag whenever you are on campus for the rest of the weekend.

Will I be able to park on campus?

Parking spaces near the colleges are limited and not free unless you have a DMV placard or plates. On Friday, a one-day parking permit costs $10. On Saturday and Sunday, one-day parking permits cost $5. 

On Saturday and Sunday, free parking will be available in the East Remote parking lot (below the Field House) with continuous shuttle service from 9:30AM until 6:30PM. You can catch a campus shuttle from the lot to Crown College throughout the day. Disability Van service will also be available by request.

Visitors with DMV placards or plates may park for free in DMV spaces, Medical spaces, mobile pay spaces or pay stations without additional payment, or in time zones (e.g., 10-, 15-, or 20-minute spaces) for longer than the posted time. DMV placards are not valid in spaces reserved for departments, individuals, contractors, carpools or vanpools, or in lots solely designated for “C” permit holders.

If you are planning to attend the Thursday Afternoon Happy Hours at Stockwell Cellars (3:00PM to 6:00PM), we will be distributing complimentary one-day campus parking permits for Friday only. Be sure to check in when you arrive at Stockwell Cellars to get your Friday one-day parking permit as well as your other check-in materials.

On Friday, if you skipped the Thursday Happy Hours and will be driving your car to Crown, you’ll need to stop by the Barn Theater parking lot at the base of campus to purchase a $10 one-day parking permit (bring cash). 

On Saturday and Sunday, everyone driving their car to the reunion will need to stop by the Barn Theater parking lot at the base of campus to purchase $5 one-day parking permits (bring cash). 

After you’ve got your parking permit, drive to Crown College.

  • If you have passengers who have trouble walking, drop them off first in the Crown Circle and then park in the Crown parking lot.
  • If you need a lift from the Crown parking lot up to the Crown entrance, call Cecilia Reyes at (702) 890-8582. Cecilia will transport you to the Crown entrance.
  • If you can’t find a space in the Crown parking lot, you will need to try other parking lots on campus. After you park, you can walk to Crown, take a UCSC shuttle, or call UCSC staff member Cecilia Reyes at (702) 890-8582. Cecilia will pick you up wherever you’re parked on campus and deliver you right to Crown.

If you have any other questions throughout the weekend, please contact Lauren Taylor (Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement) on her cell phone (301) 980-3659. She will be onsite at all of the Crown 50 Reunion events and will happily answer any questions!

What about the weather? And outdoor seating?

Last Update: Tuesday, 4/20/22

Thursday, high of 57°, periods of rain, rainfall around 1/4 inch.

  • Stockwell Cellars offers indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is covered and heated. Lots of spread-out indoor seating.

Friday, high of 62°, partly cloudy skies.

  • Breakfast will be served outdoors, and it might be chilly and/or wet. BUT within ten feet, there’s indoor seating in the Reunion Lounge (2nd floor of Crown Library) with overflow seating in the spacious Senior Commons.
  • Great folk dancing weather. Allen Nixon says bring an umbrella.
  • At the Seymour Center, the outdoor seating is heated, but not covered. The interior is very spacious, and tables will be spread out.

Saturday, high of 67°, sunny skies. No rain. No worries.

Our suggestion: Dress warmly (layers are good), bring warm jackets, bring a light raincoat, bring an umbrella.

Where should we eat dinner on Thursday night after the "Happy Hours"?

We recommend you make dinner reservations in advance for Thursday night, after the “Happy Hours” event ends at 6:00pm.

For a list of good restaurants not too far away, take a look at this list.

Can you help us find places to stay while attending the reunion?

It’s time to find lodging for your time in Santa Cruz during the reunion. To make it easier for you, we’ve developed a list of reputable hotels, motels, and inns close to UCSC.

How can I get from the airport to Santa Cruz?

Renting a car is a good option, and for others, UCSC maintains a list of Airport Shuttles, Vans, and Private Car Services

If I don't have a car, how will I get to and from my lodging to campus?

As of today, we know that UBER and Lyft are operating in Santa Cruz. We’ll continue with updates to this information.

Who came up with the program of events and activities for the 50th reunion?

Two years ago, the planning committee of three (Su Nerton, Lisa Rose, and Jim Lapsley) held two focus groups of six alumni each. We came away with a clear vision of what they wanted to experience at their 50th reunion. Then we went to work designing a program to meet their expectations. Two months ago, when we held two more focus groups to review our draft program, we discovered we were on the right track. We made a few adjustments to get it to where it is today.

Will you let us know the names of alumni who plan to attend the reunion?

Yes! We know that everyone would like to know if their friends are coming. So, we’ve created a list of alumni who have registered or have indicated they are either “definitely” or “very” likely to come. 

I haven't registered yet. Do we need to pay to come to the Crown 50th Reunion events?

Good question, and the answer is “yes.” The idea for holding this combined 50th reunion for the classes of ’68 to ’72 was conceived by the Crown Provost Advisory Committee, an independent group of seven alumni from the classes of ’69 to ’73. We are working closely with Crown College staff to stage most of our activities and events at Crown College. The costs for venue rentals, food, non-alcoholic beverages, AV equipment and services, rental of a UCSC bus for campus tours, and staffing will be covered by your registration fee. 

There will be an early bird rate until late March of about $120 per alum and $90 per guest (one per alum). This fee gets you into every meal and event in the Crown 50th Reunion program. If you wish to only attend the Friday dinner, the fee is $60. The rate will increase after late March to about $150 per alum, $120 per guest, and $70 for the Friday dinner only

The registration fee covers everything in The Program. Once you arrive and check in with us, you’re good for the Thursday afternoon happy hours; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. The Saturday Alumni Dinner and the Sunday Alumni Brunch will be hosted by Crown Provost Manel Camps.

The registration fees will cover about 2/3 of the costs, and a generous contribution from University Relations will cover the other 1/3.

What about alumni who can't afford the registration fee?

We really want you to come and don’t want finances to discourage you. If you need assistance, please contact Kayla Judd at We have a special fund to provide financial assistance.