Failed out of community college. Drafted in 1964 but joined U.S.N. to survive (and avoid) being on the ground in Viet Nam. 1967 returned to community college. Got an A.A. on Dean’s List. Another student and Vet (Steve Brown) said a guy like me could only attend one of two universities in the world, Reed or UCSC. He said UCSC had “no grades” and you could get a B.A. “Bullshit,” I said. I checked with a counselor. She thought I’d be perfect. Applied to but one place – nothing else: UCSC. I was into a lot of music, brain waves, biophysics, and psychology when searching for reality, truth, and a little weed. Thereafter, UCLA Law, legal aid, hi-tech in Silicon Valley. Much gratitude to the UCSC visionaries. They proved there is an alternate path. Now, nothing but music and family occupies me. Peace.