I should be embarrassed to say that I didn’t know much about UCSC when I applied there. It was the only UC campus I applied to, along with one out-of-state university and one private university. But it was the obvious choice when I was accepted by all three. Location was part of it, as was the newness of the campus and the experimental nature of the college system and P/F grading. While I originally requested Crown, I was assigned to Cowell, only transferring a week before classes started when they were unable to find a spot for me in the dorms. Almost from my first day at Crown I knew it was going to be very different than what school had been before. Over time I came most to appreciate the high caliber, eclectic intelligence of my fellow students and faculty, and the unique, unmatchable beauty of the campus. Even decades later, I remember some of my best college experiences being sitting on the dorm corridor floor in the middle of the night, having deep, unbounded, mind-blowingly cosmic (literally) discussions with Bob Hanson and others.