About us

Four years ago, seven Crown alumni from the early years came together with the idea to improve the living and study conditions of the current and future students of Crown College.

The Crown Provost Advisory Committee

Who We Are

We are a group of seven Crown alumni from the “Pioneer” classes of 50 years ago. In 2017, after joyfully coming together at the celebration of Crown’s 50th anniversary, we met with Crown Provost Manel Camps and current students. We were both inspired and motivated to do more. So, we formed a group.

We call ourselves the Crown Provost Advisory Committee (CPAC).
We are an unincorporated nonprofit association.†
We are independent from UCSC.
We work closely with Crown Provost Manel Camps.
We pay our own expenses.
We raise funds for good causes that benefit current and future Crown students.

Our main purpose is to work with the Crown Provost, Manel Camps, to help revitalize the sense of vibrant community we experienced at Crown so long ago. It is also an opportunity to give something back to a place that helped us become who we are now.

Our Achievements

Improvements to Student Meeting Space. In 2017, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Crown’s founding by raising $78,000 from alumni to modernize the Crown Library. The following year we raised additional funds to help remodel the Fireside Lounge. The renewed Crown Library and Fireside Lounge are the main public spaces for Crown students to study and meet now that all dorm lounges have been converted to bedrooms.

Core Course for Alumni. In 2018, with the intent of bringing alumni and current Crown students together, we received approval from Provost Manel Camps to allow alumni to audit the Core course online. Three sections were opened to Crown alumni in 2018 and 2019.

  • To find out how and why the Core course changed over the years, click here.
  • To view last year’s readings, click here.

Alumni Outreach. We’ve taken steps to reach out to alumni from the classes of ‘68 through ‘75. Our four-year-old Facebook page and our brand new website are aimed at helping us reconnect with each other and Crown College.

† Articles of Association and Bylaws

Our Next Project – The 50th Reunion

UCSC and Crown College have not been around long enough to create traditions for 50th reunions. But 50 does seem to us like a memorable number, and we figured if there is going to be a 50th reunion, we’d better make it happen.

This website will be a place to share information and to help alumni to reconnect. We invite you to join us in making the 50th reunions of Crown’s first five classes exactly what you want it to be.